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5 Things to Consider When Building a Company Culture

Things to Consider When Building a Company Culture.

What makes a business’s company culture stand out? That’s the question that Susan Post of Columbus Underground posed to Don Carroll, VPL’s VP of Business Development in a June 28 interview.

Don shared that VPL had a sense of the kind of culture they wanted to foster from the outset. The team developed a list of guiding principles, and made a concrete outline of the company culture to make it easy for employees to understand whom they were working for and how best to navigate day to day.

One of the things VPL was particularly aware of, according to Don, was that employees in the tech field are often interested in flexible work hours and opportunities to work remotely or from home. They also want low bureaucracy, a fast-paced environment, open door policies, and the kind of collaboration that enables them to contribute to the growth of the business and to the production of their team. And, quite simply, they want to have fun.

On all counts, VPL delivers. Celebrations of milestones and high-performing employees are everyday occurrences, and employee-run teams for fun, philanthropy, and health and wellness enable employees to each contribute in the areas for which they have the most interest or talent. The primary focus is on retaining talent and making sure employees are happy, engaged and satisfied. Best of all, when your culture is healthy, so is your business. As Don told Columbus Underground, “A good culture leads to happy customers.”

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