Customized Solutions.Guaranteed Savings.Easy Onboarding.

VPL Advance™ is our full-service inbound freight management solution, tailored to you, and you alone.

Choose your carriers.
Choose your rates.

We find the best rates for you, then allow you to manage your own carrier contracts to ensure you always realize the best pricing and receive any earned volume discounts directly. And when it’s time to renew your carrier contracts, we can arm you with the insight you need to win at the negotiating table.

You manage your business.
We manage compliance.

We use advanced data analytics to look for additional savings, identify and correct any missteps, and guarantee that your inbound shipping always goes exactly as planned–all in a way that is completely transparent to both your buyers and your internal customers.

Our invoices make sense
(to you and your AP system).

VPL’s proprietary system loads your AP system with accurate freight charges allocated to specified budgets, departments, cost centers and account codes, with no human intervention required. With our near-real-time, drill-down, interactive web-based reporting, every dollar is accounted for quickly, simply and effectively.

More Volume. More Savings.

We are so sure of our ability to save you money, we offer the only guarantee of incremental savings in the market. It’s rare that we don’t hit the mark (or even exceed it), but if we don’t, we’ll write you a check for the difference.

Converting to |VPL| is painless.
We promise.

We have conversion down to a science, and your dedicated conversion specialist will remove all of the guesswork, having you up, running and saving more in just one day. It’s so effortless, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. And best of all, thanks to the additional savings, your conversion ROI can be measured in days.

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