Interactive Analytics.Actionable Intelligence.Real-time Insight.

VPL Percept™ is a supply chain business intelligence platform that uses interactive graphs and charts to provide you with complete and immediate insight into your supply chain freight spend. Essentially, it makes traditional paper reporting obsolete.

Current data. Real insight.
Right and Right now.

Our colorful graphs, executive dashboards and interactive charting tools make it easy to identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) so that you can prioritize your supply chain efforts, detect performance trends over time, set crucial goals, and see where money is being made…and lost.

Manage your data.
Manage your costs.

It allows you to reduce missed charges, optimize supply chain freight expenses, and take full advantage of contract pricing and reimbursement opportunities. It also means you can see clearly into your currently spending and determine how efficiently your operation is performing.

A holistic view of...everything.

No more searching and trying to match data from different systems. With VPL Percept, everything you need to know is in one single spot.

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