More Savings. More Control. Eliminate the Middleman.

VPL Surpass™ is the first technology solution that allows you to bring your freight management program in-house.

VPL has spent years honing and perfecting our full-service freight management program, developing intelligent, intuitive technology that efficiently manages day-to-day shipping operations and simplifies what is, in actuality, an extremely complicated process.
You might think that bringing your freight program in-house should be easy. We can assure you it’s not.
We like to say,
“You can absolutely
do it yourself…
You’ll realize significantly more savings by
  • Eliminating the middleman markup
  • Managing more of your freight
You’ll enjoy greater freedom and flexibility
  • Complete control over choice of carriers and carrier pricing
  • Program designed around your unique company culture and requirements
  • Make adjustments to your program as rapidly as the healthcare market changes
…but you should never
try to do it alone.”
Conversion of your existing managed freight
Thousands of unique records to review each week, including
  • Countless carrier charge details that must be validated
  • Supplier invoice records that must be monitored to maximize program compliance
Numerous processes that must run in unison
… and hundreds of other details you may not even have thought of
was designed to ensure your success.
Everything about VPL Surpass helps you save money and mitigate risk.
Customized set-up & risk-free conversion of vendors
  • We guarantee no loss of any existing managed savings you currently receive
  • We’ll handle everything until you’re at parity with your existing program
  • Only after everything is set up and running successfully will we turn the keys over to you
It’s easy to use
  • VPL Surpass runs continuously in the background, automating most of the processes associated with a successful freight management program
  • Should a human touch be required, VPL Surpass provides easy-to-follow, guided work flows that anyone can follow. No experience necessary.
Real-time reporting
  • All the data and analytics you’ll ever need to track your success and maximize the opportunities presented by self-management
You’ll never have to go it completely alone
  • Our experienced specialists are always just a phone call away
Everything a health system needs to successfully set up and run a self-managed freight program right out of the box.
VPL built its reputation on providing customers with the most robust full-service freight management program available in healthcare. Designed to promote transparency and partnership, our program delivers greater savings through a combination of enhanced vendor compliance, customized invoicing and reporting, and a flat-rate transaction fee pricing model. It only made sense for us to build these same features into VPL Surpass.
When you subscribe to VPL Surpass you’ll enjoy all of the key features listed below.
Guaranteed Risk-Free Vendor Conversion

We’ll quickly get you to parity with your current program, handling the conversion of all of your vendors while ensuring the same number of shipments you currently manage. You’ll experience no loss of existing managed savings and absolutely no risk.

Ongoing Supplier Set-Up

As you do business with new suppliers, VPL Surpass identifies those eligible for your program, initiates the appropriate set-up instructions and provides guided workflows if direct supplier follow-up is necessary.

Monitoring & Improving Supplier Compliance

VPL Surpass continuously monitors supplier performance to ensure they are following the agreed-upon shipping procedures. If a supplier is flagged for less-than-optimal compliance, guided workflows ensure quick resolutions and maximum program performance.

Importing & Auditing Carrier Invoices

VPL Surpass automatically retrieves invoice detail directly from your carriers and converts each invoice into a standardized format that is easily recognized by your AP system. Each charge is then subjected to a robust series of audits, and when errors are found VPL Surpass will help you obtain credits.

Allocating Shipping Charges

The matching logic used by VPL Surpass to allocate shipping charges can be customized to accommodate your unique accounting requirements. Its technology allows you to allocate freight charges back to the appropriate GL accounts in your own system before payment is made. This customization provides accuracy, saves time and presents fewer issues for AP.

Importing Shipping Charge Details Directly Into Your AP System

After each charge on a carrier invoice is validated and approved, it is formatted for seamless import directly into your AP system for payment.

Identifying Strategic Savings Opportunities

VPL Surpass analyzes shipping patterns and carrier data to identify opportunities for incremental savings in a variety of areas, including mode optimization, supplier fee reductions, dimensional weight charges, etc.

Measuring Program Performance & Savings

VPL Surpass comes preloaded with all the reports you might need to monitor program performance and report on savings.

Subject Matter Expertise & Continuous Consultation

Once you’re up and running with VPL Surpass, our experts will always be available to answer questions and provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to handle any situation quickly and professionally.

Just like our full-service freight management program, VPL Surpass eliminates the frustrations typically associated with inbound freight management.
Say goodbye to all of these pain points:
  • Limited opportunity for customization
  • Inability to hit savings goals
  • Too much time spent on weekly invoices
  • Lack of transparency in pricing
  • Limited carrier options
  • and so many more…
Say hello to self-management.
We look forward to helping you take freight management into your own hands with VPL Surpass.